Saturday, September 5, 2009

Effective Recovery from Heart Attack and Reducing the Risk of Another

After the first heart attack, there are many things that you need to take care of after returning home from the hospital. The emotional and psychological impact of a heart event will be very tough to handle. Mood swings are quite common in this period. One cannot go back to his or her normal activities all of a sudden. There has to be a recovery period before that can happen. It will take some time to calm everything down and for this a period for recovering is essential.

You need to take care of certain things to recover properly from the first heart attack and keep away another one. First of all, never try to rush back to normal activities. The doctor has to be consulted to get a clear idea when the return to normal activities can happen. The doctor will give you a schedule to aid your recovery. This schedule consists of the various that can be done at different points in the recovery period. Once it is all set to restart normal activities, do so in a gradual manner. Listen for any signs of tiredness and if any signs are spotted, slow down your activities. If any heart symptoms start to worry, contact the doctor to get everything sorted out at the earliest.

Attending a cardiac rehabilitation program will go a long way in leading a healthy life after the first heart attack. The doctor may advice this. In the rehabilitation program, healthcare professionals and physical therapists will guide the recovery process, assisting in developing healthy habits of eating and starting on a graduated exercise program. This program also enables its participants to understand about the things they can do to reduce the risk of another heart attack.

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