Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weight loss Surgery - Open Surgery vs. Laparoscopic Surgery

Surgeries intended for weight loss can be conducted either as a laparoscopic procedure or as an open procedure. There are several noticeable differences between a laparoscopic procedure and an open procedure. Multiple small incisions are made during a laparoscopic procedure, where as in an open procedure a single, long cut is made to gain entry into the abdomen. Surgeries conducted by following laparoscopic procedures are found to be less invasive as it eliminates the need for one long cut to access the abdomen.

The number of incisions made during a laparoscopic procedure varies with each surgery. For instance, usually five to six incisions are utilized in gastric bypass. Laparoscopic procedures are the most commonly employed procedures. Open procedures are less frequently used than laparoscopic procedures. A laparoscopic surgery involves a camera, which provides the view of the abdomen through the incisions made. These incisions are used as gateways for small instruments to get through to the abdomen and perform the surgery.

Laparoscopic procedures are usually the preferred option for conducting a weight loss surgery. This is because laparoscopic surgery has a lot of benefits over open procedures. One of the major benefits is that wound complications are much lesser with laparoscopic procedures. Since laparoscopic procedures are performed by making small incisions, patients undergoing this type of surgery will be less affected by the pain resulting from a surgery compared to an open procedure.

The operation lasts for more time if the operation is performed laparoscopically. A laparoscopic surgery leads to a shorter hospital stay compared to an open surgery. After a laparoscopic surgery is performed, patients typically spent 2 to 3 days in hospital. But, after an open surgery is performed, patients typically spent 4-5 days in hospital. Patients undergoing laparoscopic surgeries will return to full efficiency quicker than those undergoing open surgeries. Patients undergoing laparoscopic surgeries can start working after 2 to 3 weeks after the completion of the surgery. But, patients undergoing open surgeries can start working only after 4 to 6 weeks after the completion of the surgery.

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